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funeral flowers

Caroline stepped off the greyhound bus and onto the dusty red earth. She threw her backpack onto the ground and watched a …

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Gift Part 11

A blur of blue and white light. Voices. Electronic beeps. Geoffrey’s head pounded. He moved his arm. His limbs were lead. It …

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Written By Rob Wilcher

It was when Albert backed the car into the driveway and turned off the engine that he got stuck. It wasn’t the …

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Outback Food Revolution

There was grumbling at the station The news had reached the men That their favourite cook, Asian Jack, had received the DCM. …

4 Min Read

‘What you get is no tomorrow’  David Bowie, Fame   After her best friend was killed in the Paris restaurant by ISIL …

10 Min Read

Back in her private chambers it took a long time for Lysandra’s tears to stop flowing. Sitting on the end of the …

16 Min Read

Impotence beats a steady drum at her temples as Beth retreats to the sanctity of her privacy pod. Her small lithe fingers …

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This piece is an 800 words piece for a spoken voice competition:  Entanglement – Voices of Women.  It was written in …

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When we stop, blind bodies collapse in a mound of sick, sweat and BO. I scramble to breathe. Someone kicks me. Yusef …

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Lysandra’s right foot came out of her sandal as she took the bend at pace. A troop of Roman soldiers marching in …

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