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Laura clicked off the tv with the worn-out remote and tossed it onto the battered coffee table. She sighed and lent her …

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Written By Eva Chow

Peter counted the iPhones in the box at least a dozen times.  He was definitely missing a few.  He returned nervously to …

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Written By Eva Chow

“I miss Samantha.  She was so athletic and good-looking.  She used to bring home rats half her own size, being so petite …

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white’s house

  ‘Loonies speak their own language, like educated people.’ The Tree of Man, Patrick White     Let’s just walk, let’s just …

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Too far

Written By Grace N

Mihaela thought for a moment that she’d gone too far. “Hey! We’re all admiring your buns in those stretchy pants, Jen.” She’d …

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Helena stepped back from the edge a second time. Breakers thudded against the rocks below and the sea-breeze ruffled the folds of …

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The shade from the London plane trees does a good job of extracting the sting of the sun. Now winter is over …

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Conduct Unbecoming

The bar heaved with the heat of drinkers, talkers and hangers-on. At the far end of the space, beyond shadowed dancing hordes, …

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Gift Part 6

“I’ll need you to drive,” said Dave when they arrived at his Audi. “I’ve got a couple of phone calls to make.” …

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Old Man and Harbour

The old man turned the skiff homeward. It had not been a successful day. The sea had misled him.  His pots were …

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