The Moving Pen | night


Gift Part 15

Geoffrey sat inside the ambulance wrapped in a blanket, blandly watching the scene before him. Two other ambulances, two fire trucks and …

20 Min Read


Written by Rob Wilcher

It was when Albert backed the car into the driveway and turned off the engine that he got stuck. It wasn’t the …

34 Min Read
In Good Spirits

The crisp air assailed them as they stepped outside. Dawn had not yet appeared, and the sky was glass clear, the moon …

15 Min Read
Roo 2 (2)


Written by Rob Wilcher

The evening had begun its descent into a sepia haze as they drove the dirt track through low sparse scrub. A red …

25 Min Read
Gift Part 2

The sound of the crash ripped apart the hubbub of the pub. Geoffrey and others at the bar paused momentarily to realise …

15 Min Read