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Picture Perfect

No, No! I love being here, naked and on display. Without a shred of covering except the blue satin choker and that …

3 Min Read
People Not People

‘You’ll need this, Inspector,’ said the officer manning the door to the freezer room. He handed the Inspector a heavy padded jacket, …

6 Min Read
Gift Part 14

Geoffrey’s phone rang. It was Lucy. “Hello, Mr Accountant,” she said. “Hello, Ms Bureaucrat.” “That’s Lady Bureaucrat to you, buster.” “I’ll call …

10 Min Read
Off script

Andrew fingered the manuscript on the chipped formica table in front of him and looked out the cafe window for Vanya. St …

25 Min Read


Written by Rob Wilcher

It was when Albert backed the car into the driveway and turned off the engine that he got stuck. It wasn’t the …

34 Min Read
Blue Dragon

“You know this woman?” Judith shoved the dog-eared photograph at the barman. He studied it and launched a chubby finger to her …

3 Min Read