The Moving Pen | accident


Gift Part 15

Geoffrey sat inside the ambulance wrapped in a blanket, blandly watching the scene before him. Two other ambulances, two fire trucks and …

20 Min Read
Gift Part 14

Geoffrey’s phone rang. It was Lucy. “Hello, Mr Accountant,” she said. “Hello, Ms Bureaucrat.” “That’s Lady Bureaucrat to you, buster.” “I’ll call …

10 Min Read
Roo 2 (2)


Written by Rob Wilcher

The evening had begun its descent into a sepia haze as they drove the dirt track through low sparse scrub. A red …

25 Min Read
Gift Part 1

Geoffrey was floating, high and joyous amidst the whirring fans and rafters of the pub, slowly revolving in his private heaven.  The …

19 Min Read