This Month's Short Stories


Posted by Tracie McMahon

Stringybark Just for Fun 100 words using Patron, Meekly, Damp, Ecstasy The armholes of her nightie are damp as she leans over …

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Posted by Rob Wilcher

Mama say to come here. To escape Tall Ones. Mama say Daga knows Tall Ones’ hearts. Daga wise , Mama say. Daga …

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Grimm Tales

Posted by Amanda Hemmings

The train stalls; she feels her pocket for her passport and ticket, hugs her knees. Dirty snow speckles the thick window. She …

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Daisy Chain

Posted by Tracie McMahon

“Oh, Mrs G, that’s lovely that is. You’re so clever.” The young woman in her navy polo says as she arches her …

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The Pool

Posted by Tracie McMahon

Upturned leaves glide in. Their umber-clad skeletons disrupt the dance of sun on water, then cast shadows on the tiles below.   …

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Chasing youth

Posted by Eva Chow

They say that youth is wasted on the young. I think there’s certainly some truth to it. But it’s also a little …

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The Authors at The Moving Pen

These are the faces behind the most popular posts.

  • Originally from Dublin Ireland and now living and working in Sydney Australia. Ali has always been interested in writing funny emails, quirky columns and is now trying to turn her observations of the funny things we all do into stories!
  • Apart from working relentlessly on writing yet another novel, Amanda reads. And reads. And reads. Totally for escapism. Anything from high literature to spy thrillers. Loves Southern gothic, history, alternative fiction, well-written crime novels. She doesn’t love the current state of the world, but remains sanguine. Most of the time.
  • I write about home, family, friends and all the undercurrents of love.
  • Paul is a writer with a taste for comedy, mystery, history, and just a little bit of magic. His musings on nothing in particular can be found on
  • We passed this way. Some of us were lucky enough to be. And even if we chose to spend our time in misery we were. That is the point and the glory of it. We were. And we know this one event, this one triumph, will not recur. For when we have ceased to be, and all is said and done, we will join those who never had our chance, the multitude of None.
  • Tracie acknowledges the traditional owners of the Dharug, Gundungurra and Wiradjuri lands which inspire much of her writing, and on which she is grateful to walk, write and paint. This respect extends to all Aboriginal and First Nations people and leaders, past, present and emerging.
    Tracie likes to write about place, belonging and silence (intended and unintended) and hopes her readers will be left with a desire to explore and create their own stories. Her writing can also be found at Lithgow Area Local News, and Bushwalk Australia Magazine

The Authors at The Moving Pen

These are the faces behind the most popular posts.