This Month's Short Stories

Backpacker Bodies

Posted by Alison Kelly

Caroline stepped off the greyhound bus and onto the dusty red earth. She threw her backpack onto the ground and watched a …

14 Min Read

The Gift Part 11 – Despair and Resolve

Posted by Rob Wilcher

A blur of blue and white light. Voices. Electronic beeps. Geoffrey’s head pounded. He moved his arm. His limbs were lead. It …

39 Min Read


Posted by Rob Wilcher

It was when Albert backed the car into the driveway and turned off the engine that he got stuck. It wasn’t the …

34 Min Read

Then Tiny Stirred

Posted by Rob Wilcher

There was grumbling at the station The news had reached the men That their favourite cook, Asian Jack, had received the DCM. …

4 Min Read

Where Things Are Hollow

Posted by Amanda Hemmings

‘What you get is no tomorrow’  David Bowie, Fame   After her best friend was killed in the Paris restaurant by ISIL …

10 Min Read

The Princess and the Nightingale – Part 2: Ushabti

Posted by Paul Nicholls

Back in her private chambers it took a long time for Lysandra’s tears to stop flowing. Sitting on the end of the …

16 Min Read

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The Authors at The Moving Pen

These are the faces behind the most popular posts.

  • The Irish One
    Originally from Dublin Ireland and now living and working in Sydney Australia. Ali has always been interested in writing funny emails, quirky columns and is now trying to turn her observations of the funny things we all do into stories!
  • Apart from working relentlessly on writing her first novel, Amanda reads. And reads. And reads. Totally for escapism. Anything from high literature to spy thrillers. Loves Southern gothic, history, alternative fiction, well-written crime novels. She doesn’t love the current state of the world, but remains sanguine. Most of the time.
  • I write about home, family, friends and all the undercurrents of love.
  • Grace likes writing stories because it helps her to see things in a different light.
  • Paul is a writer with a taste for comedy, mystery, history, and just a little bit of magic. His musings on nothing in particular can be found on
  • We passed this way. Some of us were lucky enough to be. And even if we chose to spend our time in misery we were. That is the point and the glory of it. We were. And we know this one event, this one triumph, will not recur. For when we have ceased to be, and all is said and done, we will join those who never had our chance, the multitude of None.

The Authors at The Moving Pen

These are the faces behind the most popular posts.