The Moving Pen | Grace N

Grace Nicholas

Grace likes writing stories because it helps her to see things in a different light.


Written By Grace N

The gauche fitout of the salon was far from calming. As she lay naked under the towel, Irena took in black drapes …

13 Min Read

Too far

Written By Grace N

Mihaela thought for a moment that she’d gone too far. “Hey! We’re all admiring your buns in those stretchy pants, Jen.” She’d …

2 Min Read


Written By Grace N

The ringing phone was a premonition coming true. Jane had known to expect it when the storm began to lash the hills …

16 Min Read

Alex’s hands were steady as he unlocked the door to the empty house. Inside, he stood totally still, listening to the silence. …

16 Min Read

The woman and the dog walked through the park. Viewed from afar, their various colours against the vibrant green of the spring …

9 Min Read

Mike sat in the community hall and tossed up whether to tell the truth. It was shocking, he knew, that he was …

6 Min Read