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Tracie McMahon

Tracie McMahon is an escapee from corporate life. In an effort to save the "right-side" of her brain from impending atrophy, she has taken up writing, drawing, and dreaming. She likes to write about the "B side" of life; taking a crowbar to the silences and unfinished sentences that slip into the cracks of ordinary places, lives and events.

Impotence beats a steady drum at her temples as Beth retreats to the sanctity of her privacy pod. Her small lithe fingers …

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This piece is an 800 words piece for a spoken voice competition:  Entanglement – Voices of Women.  It was written in …

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“Well?” Beth’s brother Jack demands as she returns to the apartment she shares with three generations of her family. “Well, what?” Beth …

8 Min Read
reeney-jenkins-2dvVKBApZWk-unsplash Sarah strides across the strip of hard black sand, her toes kicking at the pebbles. Like marbles in a schoolyard, …

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The year is 2120. Beth blinks and refocuses on the text.  They can’t be serious.  She stops, breathes slowly, carefully, aware every …

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She kneels, her back heaving and pushing. Every muscle straining. Doc Martins scuff and push against the footpath. Passersby glance, then stop; …

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Oh God, she was beautiful! Ra’s heart belted against his ribcage each time he thought of her – let alone his groin.  …

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“Have you got everything”? she asks. “A huh,” the small child nods, his pudgy arms gripping hard at the backpack hugged to …

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