The Moving Pen | Tracie McMahon

Tracie McMahon

Tracie McMahon is an escapee from corporate life. In an effort to save the "right-side" of her brain from impending atrophy, she has taken up writing, drawing, and dreaming. She likes to write about the "B side" of life; taking a crowbar to the silences and unfinished sentences that slip into the cracks of ordinary places, lives and events.

The door whines shut as heaving workman lever the latches shut.  Finally, it’s dark. “Are they gone?”  A tiny twelve-inch monitor blinks …

3 Min Read

Unfamiliar strings of sinew are lodged between her teeth and Beth pokes absently at them, eager to dispel the odd sensation, but …

13 Min Read

You summon me with your constant chatter; loud, insistent, beckoning, as you weave and wander your way through the valley far below. …

2 Min Read

“Are you fucking kidding?” “Oh darling, you know the deal – you’re a coathanger for their Art.” “It’s a bit of tin …

1 Min Read

“Have you seen the curve?”  Beth’s father slurs, as she shuffles softly towards the living area. His eyes are riddled with delicate …

7 Min Read

“Ping.” Busy, I’ll check that later. “Ping.” I really don’t have time for this.  1:20. Boss wants this report on his desk …

4 Min Read

“This better be good. I’ve got a network to run. My clock is ticking. Who’s this?”  Vlad freezes as he steps into …

8 Min Read

“Jack, mate, how are you? I didn’t think you’ld be back for a few days.” Beth can hear a man calling to …

16 Min Read

Shadows – always the shadows! Do I seek them, or they seek me? They cast their imagination across drooping ribbon bark. Flicker, …

1 Min Read

Impotence beats a steady drum at her temples as Beth retreats to the sanctity of her privacy pod. Her small lithe fingers …

10 Min Read

Who is that?

Written by Tracie McMahon

This piece is an 800 words piece for a spoken voice competition:  Entanglement – Voices of Women.  It was written in …

5 Min Read

Choose Life Part II – The Words

Written by Tracie McMahon

“Well?” Beth’s brother Jack demands as she returns to the apartment she shares with three generations of her family. “Well, what?” Beth …

8 Min Read

The Last Word

Written by Tracie McMahon Sarah strides across the strip of hard black sand, her toes kicking at the pebbles. Like marbles in a schoolyard, …

3 Min Read

Choose Life Part 1: Decree Day 2120

Written by Tracie McMahon

The year is 2120. Beth blinks and refocuses on the text.  They can’t be serious.  She stops, breathes slowly, carefully, aware every …

6 Min Read

The Glass Ceiling

Written by Tracie McMahon

She kneels, her back heaving and pushing. Every muscle straining. Doc Martins scuff and push against the footpath. Passersby glance, then stop; …

1 Min Read

God, she was beautiful!

Written by Tracie McMahon

Oh God, she was beautiful! Ra’s heart belted against his ribcage each time he thought of her – let alone his groin.  …

8 Min Read

Silent Night

Written by Tracie McMahon

“Have you got everything”? she asks. “A huh,” the small child nods, his pudgy arms gripping hard at the backpack hugged to …

2 Min Read