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Amanda Hemmings

Apart from working relentlessly on writing her first novel, Amanda reads. And reads. And reads. Totally for escapism. Anything from high literature to spy thrillers. Loves Southern gothic, history, alternative fiction, well-written crime novels. She doesn’t love the current state of the world, but remains sanguine. Most of the time.
white’s house

  ‘Loonies speak their own language, like educated people.’ The Tree of Man, Patrick White     Let’s just walk, let’s just …

11 Min Read
Picture 1

It was my first time. The rifle was slippery in my fingers, and Jojo laughed when I nearly dropped it. I’d seen …

5 Min Read

  ‘It’s hurting,’ mumbled the old man. He shuffled in the seat, closed his eyes to the fluorescent light above him. The …

3 Min Read

The stadium roars like a thunderbolt. So loud her chest vibrates. Are the heavens pulsating? Is it war out there, or just …

9 Min Read

  ‘I’m telling you, garbagemen can deal with anything. The smell of corpses, shit, rotten eggs. The worst stink in the world, …

10 Min Read

  Ilse cowers; her body trembles. All because she knows, immediately, who she has collided with while rounding the blitzed corner. Despite …

5 Min Read

  Deedee’s been losing weight. She stands and watches herself in the mirror. Runs her hand down the sides of her nightie …

10 Min Read
rottie 3

Days and days and days and days have passed – years really – and yet people still look at him strangely when …

8 Min Read