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Paul Nicholls

Paul is a writer with a taste for comedy, mystery, history, and just a little bit of magic. His musings on nothing in particular can be found on

Helena stepped back from the edge a second time. Breakers thudded against the rocks below and the sea-breeze ruffled the folds of …

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The shade from the London plane trees does a good job of extracting the sting of the sun. Now winter is over …

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“Shona, why are you gripping the stern rail so tight? Are you seasick?” Oh Christ! It’s Veronica, the gym junkie. “Just enjoying …

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Leo lay languidly under the acacia tree, picking at the morsels of meat caught between his molars. He thought about nothing in …

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‘Mum, I’m bored. Can we go to the shops?’ Corey’s mum held up her hand to shoosh him and told the Zoomed …

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Winter One winter’s day at sunset, four sulphur-crested cockatoos landed on my fence – one bird for each of the seasons. It …

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rain on window

Elias’s cheeks were burning. He strode down the corridor, barely looking at his father walking beside him. The sound of the rain …

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You can’t bring her back you know. In the gloaming we queued, awaiting our deliverance from another week. The bus arrived just …

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Just a few days into the swimming program of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the world was astonished to see the …

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Hound dog

Jett pressed play on the CD and You ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog rocked out across the empty rehearsal room. Normally …

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