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Love Fund Trust

Cindy leant her weight to push open the heavy glass door that bore the words “Jessica Mulgrave, Solicitor” in gold plate at …

35 Min Read
Gift Part 7

Geoffrey prodded the white surgical tape that held the plastic cover over his right eye. By dodging his head one way and …

31 Min Read
In Good Spirits

The crisp air assailed them as they stepped outside. Dawn had not yet appeared, and the sky was glass clear, the moon …

15 Min Read
Gift Part 4

A million doubts flooded his mind. He had never really contemplated his own death before. Sure, he knew he was going to …

16 Min Read
A Sense of Decorum

What to do. What a to do. First thing, get out of bed. This involves sitting upright on the edge, in the …

13 Min Read
In Training

Mike strained as he planked, trying to resist the pull of gravity on his belly as it pulled on his tensed abdomen. …

30 Min Read