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Authors’ Draft Stories

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A wise man once said that ‘bad things will happen to everyone as long as you live long enough’. For those of …

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He liked the beach at this time of night. Emptied of its daytime guests, it gave him solace. He had space to …

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Throwing Rocks

‘Johnny Bastard Dalton, as I live and breathe!’ John looked up from his book. He didn’t recognise the man; maybe it was …

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Scene with an apartment building

Looking down from the balcony where I am seated, I see in the apartment below me, and across the road, a man …

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  No coward soul is mine; no trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere, she always murmured. Before every protest, every demonstration, she …

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Written By Rob Wilcher

The floorboards are stark and withered. Blood from the man I just shot seeps in between wide cracks. Normally there is a …

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I finally found this. It was a furious fiction piece. The conditions were you had to set it at a railway station …

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A short story describing a place without using an adjective or adverb. Audis, Beamers, and Mercs squish us against tea trees alongside …

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Fred studied his reflection on the bathroom mirror. He felt awkward looking at himself like this. He had seen himself either shaving …

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A story of a personal encounter with a specific plant or animal in plain English incorporating specificity.   About to step from …

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