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“The magic lasts only a couple of minutes.  You’ve got to be ready, here it comes.” Dr. Tom Robertson said to himself …

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‘I didn’t expect you this early, Dad.’ She was as brittle as usual, a blonde shadow, sitting stiffly in the velvet gold …

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Written By Rob Wilcher

A man stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and thought, Tomorrow I am seventy, and I have nothing to show for …

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[Hi Moving Pens – this was my entry for the Nature Writing competition – no comments required] Impatient and hot after being …

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“Where?” I ask. “Redfern,” he replies.  My white middle-class upbringing shudders.  I remember Redfern when I was young, but that’s not what …

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Surrounded by these smooth three-hundred-year-old  trunks, We are but saplings passing through. (Kirkpatrick, V. The Blue Gum Forest)[i] The infographics are arranged …

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Glencorse Wood

Can an Australian landscape be located overseas? I think so. This is a story of two landscapes, one of harm and one …

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Gift Part 10

Geoffrey stood on the roadside in the morning sun. Peak hour had just begun, and cars were starting to queue in the …

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Yesterday was a good day.  I wrote. Ideas flowed, channelled from my fingertips in a steady flow of consciousness.  The moving pen …

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Three ghosts live in this toilet block.  They were students of this school.  It’s been said that you could see the long …

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