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“Jack mate how are you? Didn’t think you’d be back for a few days,” Beth can hear a man calling to her …

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  Your neck is on the guillotine. Its sharpness gleams above you, the base is already cutting into your throat. You’re choking …

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The sky was dark and the wind was howling.  Julia looked up at her mother hoping that she would see the menace …

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Mary left the coffee shop in Shanghai Pudong airport where she had spent the last hour passing the time.  Her excitement grew …

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She had often thought of killing him. The reverend had joked about that once in a sermon on marriage. “I said to …

10 Min Read
Tabula Rasa

The Mountain Climber’s Beginning Let me tell you a story. Just three nights ago I was in a public bar, in …

31 Min Read

(FYI – this is for the Banjo Paterson story/ poem contest in Orange – it is a nod to Man from Snowy …

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Cleaning Out

Andrea always felt a touch uneasy when the plane landed. She knew accidents were extremely rare on the big carriers, and had …

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Written By Rob Wilcher

A man stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and thought, Tomorrow I am seventy, and I have nothing to show for …

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Shadows – always the shadows! Do I seek them, or they seek me? They cast their imagination across drooping ribbon bark. Flicker, …

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