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It was the first time she’d been here since Helen had been reported missing. By rights she should have been at home …

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They say that youth is wasted on the young. I think there’s certainly some truth to it. But it’s also a little …

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The train stalls; she feels her pocket for her passport and ticket, hugs her knees. Dirty snow speckles the thick window. She …

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Written By Rob Wilcher

The old man rapped his walking stick along the sterile lino.  In his eighties, slightly bent with bowlegged knees swollen from past …

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I see the leaves reflected in the pool. One hits the water, shimmies by like a boat It is quickly whisked to …

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“Jessica Margaret Adams,” he said. “I love you.” He gazed up at her from his knees, his face vulnerable, his heart exposed. …

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The wood cuts into the boy’s bare thighs. It’s an old chair, splintery, and the rope around his ankles chafes. Across the …

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Throwing Rocks

‘Johnny Bastard Dalton, as I live and breathe!’ John looked up from his book. He didn’t recognise the man; maybe it was …

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The beach was a balm at this time of night. Emptied of its daytime guests, it gave him solace. He had space …

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Context:  The year is 1946. Dot is 18. Genre: Historical Fiction/Coming of Age. 5 Each week Dot looks forward to what Sally …

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