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‘Have you balanced yet, Lothar? We can’t be staying here all evening.’ ‘Almost, Herr L-Langmann,’ said Lothar, his cheeks flushing red. He …

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Observation Car

My immediate thought when I first set eyes on her was not ‘what a warm smile’ or ‘I love the dual pigtail …

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She’s here! God, I can’t do this. – Hi, Jessica, we met… Too earnest. – Hi Jess, remember me? From … I’m …

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Oh glorious, silver orb, your beams drip deep through the dank damp earth until they reach me here in my resting place. …

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Off script

Andrew fingered the manuscript on the chipped formica table in front of him and looked out the cafe window for Vanya. St …

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Tabula Rasa

The Mountain Climber’s Beginning Let me tell you a story. Just three nights ago I was in a public bar, in …

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She had often thought of killing him. The reverend had joked about that once in a sermon on marriage. “I said to …

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Gift Part 11

A blur of blue and white light. Voices. Electronic beeps. Geoffrey’s head pounded. He moved his arm. His limbs were lead. It …

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Written by Rob Wilcher

It was when Albert backed the car into the driveway and turned off the engine that he got stuck. It wasn’t the …

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Love Fund Trust

Cindy leant her weight to push open the heavy glass door that bore the words “Jessica Mulgrave, Solicitor” in gold plate at …

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